We all have days when the closet is feeling empty and uninspired. Then the perfect way to make it more fun is to add accessories. An outfit is not completed without the right accessories. It can be anything from a bucket hat, a scrunchie, a silk scarf, a leather belt, a straw bag, a straw hat, a hair scarf or a headband. It is up to you to match and play around with your accessories. A silk scarf for example can be used in multiply ways, as a top, tied in your hair, wrapped around the handle on your bag or as a scarf around your neck. These everyday heroes can transform your wardrobe and help you those days when jeans and a t-shirt feels boring.

The patterns and colours in our accessories can also be found in some of our dresses, skirts and blouses so you can match and wear a full outfit. Every season we add cosmetics bags in different sizes in a specific pattern, this is a perfect gift for someone you love.