Silk has for a long time been a core at By Malina and it still is. We love to wear silk in our scarves, dresses, blouses and shirts due to its smooth feeling on the body. A garment in silk will never go out of style and every season we add products in the most lovely print and colours. Discover silk scarfs with the measurement 100 x 100 cm, a piece that can be worn in multiply ways. Wrap it as a top, tie it in your waist as a belt or make a classic wrap to protect your hair. We also have silk scarfs with the measurement 65 x 65 cm, these are perfect to tie around your neck, use as a headscarf or twist it around the handle of your bag. Discover our iconic print that is combining the brand heritage and name in a classic and effortless print. The scarf is printed double-sided which makes it even more special. A timeless scarf that never goes out style. Find flowy dresses that will be perfect for a wedding or just when just feel like dressing up.