Always at By Malina

Discover our collection of iconic pieces. Here you will find essential pieces that everyone needs to have in their wardrobe. Find the perfect straight jeans, crispy white shirts, knitted sets, a classic canvas bag, tuxedo pants, the ultimate stretch jeans, tuxedo blazers, wrap blouses, leather belts and silk scarfs. These are all timeless pieces and therefore a perfect gift to yourself or to someone you love.

Everyone needs a good base wardrobe with pieces that will save you from days when you do not know what to wear. You can style a pair of black jeans in endless ways. Add a sweatshirt and a pair of sneakers for a casual outfit or go with a white shirt and heels for a dressed-up look. Or discover our iconic silk scarf in 100% silk that can be tied in many different ways. Or why not complement your wardrobe with a classic ribbed top in black or white? Dress up the top with a tuxedo blazer and tuxedo pants or wear it more casual with a pair of straight jeans.