Keep it casual in a pair of shorts, stand out in flares or put on suit pants and add a matching jacket for a full look. We have a wide range of styles and you will for sure find the perfect pair. If you are looking for a pair of classic trousers look for the tag Always At By Malina. Here we have collected our most classic and beloved trousers, find jeans shorts, suit pants, flattering high-rise jeans and timeless cropped pants. Every season we are adding new styles in different materials, bold colours and bright patterns. We also have created a Terry Collection which includes homeware in the softest Terry material. Perfect for a day at the beach or cosy sofa days.

Finding the perfect size for trousers can be hard, but with our size guide, it is easy to find your right size. Find a measuring tape, measure your waist and thighs and match the result with our size chart. To maintain the fit of your jeans you should avoid washing them too often. Instead, vent them to keep them fresh.