February, 2021

"I have always spent my summers here as a child, so I have had a lot of time to discover Skåne. It is also extra fun to come here with my children and show them where I spent my summers when I was their age. Here are all my favorite places and tips", Malin Ek Andrén, Founder & Designer, By Malina.

Norrvikens trädgårdar
One of my favourite places on Bjäre, just outside of Båstad lies this fantastic botanical park with a great lunch restaurant. The kids love running around here and I always seem to find something cute to buy in the small gardener's shop.

Ramsjö Hamn
Cute little harbour with many old fishing boats. On cloudier days I take the boys for ice cream and some crab fishing here.

Tant Grön
A wonderful deli shop in the
countryside. The deli stocks many different kinds of cheese and have a great selection of olive oils and
marmalades. Tip: look out for the self-service stands along the roads where you can buy vegetables and fruits from the local farmers.

Parkis Torekov
The mandatory ice cream stop when in Torekov. It set opposite the ruins of a church from 1344. The kids claim that the weather-bitten tree is magic and love climbing in it. It is also
perfect to catch up on the local gossip of chic Torekov.

Hallands Väderö
Known simply as "The Island" by the locals. A small cluster of islands just outside of Torekov. Everyone has a special secret place where they go by boat. The water is so clear one could think you're in Sardinia but the temperature takes you back to reality. We love hanging out here on sunny days with our families.

Norrebro hamn
There is a small fishing hut to rent in this beautiful little harbour. Buy your freshly smoked salmon and new potatoes from the old fisherman's house at Kajs Fisk and enjoy the sunset over the sea with a group of friends. Don't forget the locally made vodka.