Take care of your By Malina

Say hi to Guppyfriend and our wash care that will help you take care of your By Malina pieces and also the environment. Discover Guppyfriend, a washing bag that is an effective, scientifically proven, and patented solution to stop microplastic pollution. It reduces fibre shedding and protects our clothes. The Guppyfriend washing bag is the first pragmatic solution that prevents microplastic fibres from entering rivers and oceans through the washing of synthetic textiles. The broken fibres collect in the corners of the washing bag after washing and can be easily removed and disposed of.

By Malina has since the beginning created a lot of clothes in silk which is a fabric you should take care of gently. TGC041 delicate detergent, with yuzu perfume, treats natural fabrics gently and it is specially adapted to be used on such materials as sheep wool and silk. It is both organic and vegan and also cruelty and fossil-free. So make sure to give your By Malina pieces a long life that it deserves.