By Malina presents a strong Spring collection that is a celebration of life itself. A collection of what we do best, mood-lifting and optimistic attire. This collection takes you along the Côte d’Azur coast. Allowing you to have a versatile and put-together look for all your summer adventures. With the Provence way of life, women have that extra gratification and happiness of living. The clothing of these women is timeless like them, not being driven by what fashiondictates for the moment, instead of letting their sensuality define their fashion – remaining elegant and chic throughout life in the South of France. Becoming the woman strolling through the St Tropez, on the way to a meeting with her lover, or to pick up her kids, or just enjoying the open air, her light, delicately embroidered dress moving with ease. She lives life to the fullest, whether she’s beach hopping in the Mediterranean or just daydreaming about jet-setting across the globe, her wardrobe is filled with versatile, feminine staples that allow her to live spontaneously

The first drop embarks on the romance of Provance, from the lavender fields, picnics in the sun and drinking wine with a good book in your garden. The drop includes three main prints; Jardine, a flower print with a 70s flair with hints of lavender. Romantic Orchid, the print that adorns our silk pieces and draws inspiration from the terracotta architecture and pastel colours of Provence. Lastly, the Polka Dot print is a playful classic print that decorates everything from dresses to swimwear, all in a flirty silhouette with a luxurious twist. In this drop, you will find everything from flirty singoalla tops, midi dresses and swimwear to the perfect spring coats and suits. Covering the whole spring season from the early chilly spring days to hot coastal weekends.

Swimwear has really been our strong suit, therefore we made swimwear in all different print. So you can make sure to get your favourite print on the beach as well.
More versatile styles than ever, also including a special swimsuit for surfing in our Iconic Checker print.

The collection can be rotated through your entire spring and summer season, from san- dy beaches to chateau wine tastings, club lunches and dream-like evenings filled with laughter. These playful garments are meant to be lived in and danced in.