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Malina has during the past years been working on developing more sustainable styles, not only seeing our great silk materials as long-lasting and contributing to buying less and using longer. Now incorporating materials such as cotton to organic cotton, Econyl and recycled polyester. All our denim is now made in Italy and all in organic cotton.

We also work with 100% recycled polyester material, used in various styles – everything from flirty blouses, silhouette hugging dresses and beachy kaftans. Still keeping the great material and of course the irresistible patterns. A part of the swimwear is made in Portugal and in a new material called Econyl and recycled Nylon.

malin corporate communication

“I always say to people to keep their core values and unique idea as a brand today. It is as important to look up, look around and evaluate the world around you. Keeping your core idea but developing with the world. Right now, what is important is us and our earth, the environment is suffering from various industries – fashion being one of the biggest contributors and everybody has to take responsibility. That’s why I think it's important for Malina to take our part, start developing more sustainable styles and move in the right direction”

Malin Ek Andrén, founder and designer.

corporate communication


The year of 2021 we introduced a cooperation with the Sustainability Agency U & We – to help us to recognize our position, develop an understanding of our impact and from that take relevant actions. To make sure we continue our journey for a more sustainable outlook, we will work closely with U & We Sustainability Agency, based in Stockholm. This to make sure we follow our goals, consider potential risks and make a correct analysis of our current position in this area.

To have transparency in our supply chain, minimizing our footprint throughout the entire business, and practice fair working conditions are challenges we are facing and closely try to improve.. Read more about U & We Sustainability Agency here.