in a more sustainable matter

Each Malina piece has been made with you in mind. We strive to create garments in carefully selected materials to give each piece the potential of a long-lasting journey. We are constantly working towards a more sustainable fashion world. Malina’s customers are aware and conscious about their choices, setting high demands on the product. Malina was founded in 2010 and have grown in a slow and organic pace, letting us learn and enlighten our visions and strengths and simultaneously acknowledging our weaknesses and challenges for the future. On that note, this year, we have started a cooperation with the Sustainability Agency U & We – to help us to recognize our position, develop an understanding of our impact and from that take relevant actions.

By continue to inspire our customers, growing our dedicated team and understanding our position in the industry, we will continue to spread our love in this colorful and energetic world, in a more sustainable matter.



  • Climate compensate for a sustainable cause close to our heart

  • Limit our company’s and our product’s impact on the environment

  • Evolve the usage of recycled and environmentally friendly textiles

  • Increase usage of reused and environmentally friendly packaging

  • Transparency throughout the production chain

  • To get all our suppliers to sign and follow our Code of Conduct

  • Educate the Malina staff in environmental thinking to make more sustainable choices



Sharing every step of our journey towards a sustainable approach is essential in our progress. To have transparency in our supply chain, minimizing our footprint throughout the entire business, and practice fair working conditions are challenges we are facing and will work closely to improve. Together with U & We Sustainability Agency we will face and work on these aspects.



To make sure we continue our journey for a more sustainable outlook, we will work closely with U & We Sustainability Agency, based in Stockholm. This to make sure we follow our goals, consider potential risks and make a correct analysis of our current position in this area.

Our future vision, purpose, and promise are to inspire our community and customers to make more conscious decisions. We will continue to develop and grow an understanding of our customers’ needs and how our choices can impact their lives. We want to develop more in-depth training for our staff in environmental thinking.

We will continue to choose more environmentally-friendly materials, increase our purchase precision and develop long-lasting products of quality. We will implement new packaging for shipping and develop our delivery options.